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Strategic Layout


Based on the strategy of ¡°concentrate on agriculture, focus on technology, globalize the layout, serve the world¡±, Disco adheres to the development of globalization, strengthen the external strategic cooperation. Through the technical cooperation and targeted subject research with those well-known agricultural colleges and research institutes in IsraelUnited States and China, the science and technology strength and R&D ability of Disco obtained greatly improvement.


Disco trade swith the countries that have developed agriculture industry like U.S.A., British Germany, IsraelNorway, and introduce global high-end fertilizer. It makes full use of its own advantages in materials and technology, basing on the tenet of ¡°advocate the development of ecological agriculture, realize the increase in production and income of agriculture service for the world¡±, to provide services for the global agriculture from all aspects.


Disco established branch offices in America, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia, to maintain close contacts with international agricultural organizations


In the future, Disco will promote technical cooperation with the Norwegian, Japan andother countries£¬trades with Australia, Spainand establishes branch offices in France, Netherlands. There will also be more international investments throughout Egypt, Southeast Asia and other agricultural countries.