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Chairman's Statement

In today's world, science and technology develop by leaps and bounds, social activity changes with each passing day, the world agriculture shows the new trends; the high-technicality of manufacture, sophistication of industrial structure, integration of operation, liberalization of trade, sustainability of development. The agriculture development in 21st century is still facing formidable challenges such as the water resources shortage, cultivated land area decrease, ecological environment deterioration global climate change. Technological progress is the fundamental solution to realize the continuous and stable development of agriculture and to ensure the increase of production and revenue.


As a leading brand of the high-end fertilizer, Disco fully recognizes that the main goal of world agricultural technology development is to increase production, improve the quality, enhance the resources utilization rate and protect the ecological environment. The long-term development of the enterprise is closely connected to the world progress trend, high-end new type fertilizer has become the most important material basis of the future ecological agriculture. Disco made it its mission to promote the agricultural technology innovation, lead the industrial technology advancement, it has become the pioneer of the world agricultural development and gotten ahead of the international fertilizer industry. 

Over the years, relying on the its high-tech talents and advanced research institutes, Disco adheres to the innovation-driven strategy, and spares no effort to carry out the researches of plant nutrition and the comprehensive solution of crops. Innovation is Disco's driving force for Disco¡¯s development, it achieves the highest position in the premium fertilizer industry through the innovation in idea, technique, strategy and management. Disco is always focusing on the sustainable development of agriculture from various aspects, from the product development, market, agrochemical service to the crop process solution. It stays at the forefront of the field of agricultural technology and the agrochemical services to improve the quality of service by technology innovation, to upgrade products and services by increasing research investment. Depending on its goal ¡°Lead the world to serve the world¡±, globalization strategy and the advanced comprehensive strength, Disco provides professional, reliable and valuable global services for world agriculture.

Standing on the high ground of the industry development, Disco unswerving its fulfills social responsibilities with its advanced enterprise culture. Let farmers get high production with less investment; let the dealers gain the channel revenues; let the shareholders get expected return; let the enterprise brand value be consolidated and ascend; let the social resources be more valuable. Standing in forefront of today's world agricultural science and technology, Disco actively advocates the sustainable development of ecological agriculture, using the advanced productive force, it harmonizes the conflict between the development and environment, resource utilization and protection. To constantly promote the harmony between economic, ecological and social benefit, Disco is struggling for the realization of great-leap-forward industry development and increase agricultural production